Monday, 5 October 2009

This is my front cover, i have used bright colours so that my magazine is noticed. Other then the backround picture which i havent cut the backround from i have used only 2 colours for the fonts etc. this makes my magazine cover quite simple and easier to read compared to what it would be like if it had lots of colours to it. I have used white for the font as it contrasts against the backround and is easily read. I used the picture i did for my backround as it interesting and people like to read about these things, it is also very bright and looks interesting. I used smaller picures that interest people, such as prom pictures and photo's of people to the left of the page to catch peoples attention and make them want to read the magazine. The name of my magazine is stated in large capitals at the top of the page so it becomes common and people remember it. The main story of my magazine is stated in white font which is larger than the rest of the storys on the cover so it stands out. My logo also stands out against the green, blue and white which the cover is as it is purple, this could help to make people remember it as it is a contrast of colours.